My first ever blog :)

Ok, so I thought I would start a blog today. I use the internet a lot, so I thought I could put the interesting links and stories I find, all in one place.

Today, I have been doing a bit of campaigning. (not with pickets, or getting out of my chair)

The Gist of it is, a few comedians are doing charity gigs to help some kids to get expensive cancer treatment. Problem is, the treatment is not proven to help. What these people are paying for, is to take part in medical trials! Well, if you want to know more have a go on these –

So that’s one thing I’ve been having a look at. I also came across this, whilst on Twitoor. This is trending in the UK under ‘My Tram Experience’. I can not get over the fact that people like this still walk the earth. I love that our beautiful country is so diverse and such a mixture of culture. We are lucky to have the freedom we do, and most don’t know what its like to be oppressed. Freedom of speech is an important factor of that, but this is just abusive. Be warned, this video contains gross, vile and disgusting language.

So there you go, that’s my first blog! If anyone ever reads it, I hope you like it!

Out x

By lauraleee

2 comments on “My first ever blog :)

  1. Welcome to the super-secret skeptic underground blogosphere. Your cheque from Big Farmer will be mailed to you at the end of each month.

    PS. Don’t tell anyone.

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